As you well know, a company will have difficulty running when the air conditioning is broken and the Florida sun is blazing.  MillerMan and Sons is not just a residential air conditioning company.  We offer reliable commercial services for most all Tampa Bay area companies.

We have many commercial clients that receive preventive maintenance regularly to avoid being caught in the heat when business is calling.  We offer flexible commercial maintenance plans based on the size of your unit(s) and the frequency of your maintenance schedule.

We service all makes and models up to 25 tons.  We also have a range of filtration and ultraviolet products for commercial uses.  These products will assist in creating a clean air environment for both your employees and your customers.

Email us at if you wish to learn more about our commercial program.

“Commercial systems require more frequent maintenance and attention in order to function properly.  This is important to ensure the full life  span of your equipment is possible and you can save money in efficiency in your electric bills.” – Frank Miller, President, MillerMan